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Analytics Not Tracking

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I have been trying to troubleshoot my problem on my own for about a month to no avail--so hopefully someone can help me.


I built my website using Squarespace and I originally placed the UA code in the suggested box according to Squarespace.


When I started to delve a bit more into Analytics, I realized that putting in the actual code would allow me to get more accurate results on the Analytics regarding what people search before getting to my page, etc.


I figured out how to inject the code into the header correctly while removing the UA code where Squarespace dictates you should put it, and the code was working fine.


About a week later, my business partner (who hadn't read my e-mail regarding the change) went into Squarespace, thought that we weren't tracking anything because the UA code wasn't where she thought it should be and she input the UA code without deleting the code that I put in the header injector.


Since then, my Analytics has stopped working.  I removed the code I originally placed and kept hers--it didn't work.  I re-typed the UA code just in case it was typed incorrectly--it didn't work.  I contacted Squarespace and they said that they would delete the cache on their end--that didn't work.  I installed the Google Tag Assistant Widget, and it says that my website is tagged correctly and that there are no errors.


At this point, I haven't had any Google Analytics data for a month and am losing valuable insight into the ad campaigns that I've been running---so any help into troubleshooting this would be GREATLY appreciated!!


Best, CF

Re: Analytics Not Tracking

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Hi Carina,
First of all open your website url and browse 2-3 pages then go to GA and check in real time data if you are able to see data in real time report in GA that means your code is working and if you are not seeing any data that means data is not tracking and you should have to do from scratch.

Hope this helps.