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Analytics Location Report

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I'm looking at a location report and I clicked on a state, say Florida.  I then click to see the list of every city and how many visitors I've had from each city this month.


Here's my 2 questions:


First, if someone is on a mobile phone and not using WiFi in that city, will they show as a use from that city?


Second, what is the Not Set?  I have quite a few listed in that category and don't know what the city actually is.


Thanks in advance for the help!

Re: Analytics Location Report

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Google Analytics determines locations from a visitor’s IP addresses and where internet service providers assign those ranges, so if it cant it would put it into the not set bracket.

Ga can pull the I.P even if it is not on wifi - usually its the browser that causes the problem

(not set) is a placeholder name that Analytics uses when it hasn't received any information for the dimension you have selected. The reasons for (not set) appearing as a dimension value vary according to the report.


Re: Analytics Location Report

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Thank you for that, but let me get a clarification.


I live in NJ and my mobile phone is a NJ number.  Now I get on a plane and I fly to Miami.  I go online with my NJ phone in Miami.  Where do I show up on the GA Location Report?  Am I a NJ used or a FL user?