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We had the Admin User for our account leave the company. He apparently set this up in his personal gmail. As we are a company this is a problem and we need to be able to add and delete users on the analytics access, Is there a way to move this data over to a new account or change out the Admin? I don't believe the former employee would want to share this info with us since it is his personal email account. HELP PLEASE!!!


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Hi :-)
If there are no other properties setup within that GA account, then he can simply add your google account email address of choice as a User at the GA Account (not Property) level, and assign it all permissions.

Once you log in and checked that you do have the correct access and all permissions assigned at the GA Account Level (not the Property level only) then you can delete the employee's email address from the GA account level, which will remove him as user from the GA account.


If there are other Properties within the current GA Account, he can create a new GA Account.. and move the Property. He needs to select - Replace existing property and view permissions with permissions of the destination account.
Once that is done, he is still going to have to add you as a User at the GA Account level and assign all permissions and then you will need to remove him from the GA Account etc.

If you dont have contact with the person then you will likely need to recover the account, there is a comprehensive post by Niall in the following thread on how to go about doing this (its the one marked as best answer)

This does not guarantee admin access at the account level, you might only end up with read/analyze access

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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