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I can't add a new user to Google Analytics. Even via the account which controls the Google Apps overall account. It still says......

"You do not have sufficient permissions to modify the users on this account."


I've seen another post saying "contact your local support team". I tried the number that flow took me through too. The automated voice told me to check a website and then cut me off, having provided no answer and the website link being no use.


Can anyone help? Is there a support number or contact team?


Many thanks.

Adding new user

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Hi Richard. Can you confirm you got Manage users permisons at account level? (Admin / Account / Manage Users). If you don't, please ask for that permision to account manager.

Adding new user

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Hi, Thanks for replying.


I don`t myself have those permission, presumably given the error message.


As far as I know the top level account is that of my boss. I have his login, logged in as him and it still says you do not have sufficient privileges. So I don`t know if that means someone else set it up for him a long time ago, long before I joined?


So I'm stumped. I don`t know whether someone can identify who that original account was set up by or whether we can regain access to some admin account?


Bit stumped.