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Adding a URL

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I initially set up my account using a different default domain name than I would have preferred and now I am trying to add another property url and it will not accept the url. It is telling me that the property url is invalid. Is that because it has a combination of characters (letters, numbers, and underscore)?


Can I change my default url?



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Adding a URL

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Hi HR,


Are you looking under the property settings>Default URL? You should be able to change this with-out impacting the data. This field is used for reporting under content reports and in-page analysis and is for labeling purposes. Also, your hosts only support UTF-8 characters in the URL. For anything non-UTF-8 try using a converter. This was provided by an analytics "answer" post. 


any non-UTF-8 characters (including Cyrillic characters) in your domain name. Try a punycode converter for help with this.




Adding a URL

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Letters, numbers, and underscore shouldn't be a problem. Make sure you don't include http/https, select it from the dropdown instead.

Hope this helps.

Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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