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Adding a 2nd property

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I was moving an ecommerce store from one platform to another. There is going to be some overlap with both open at the same time. My question is can I use the same analytics ID number when setting up my new site or should I delete the original since the name of the business stays the same, but the site url will change. I just didn't want to get information that was pulled from different locations.





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Adding a 2nd property

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Hi michael,


Short answer is "Yes", you can use the same GA ID on any site. It's really a matter of convenience, whether you want to use a new ID or keep using the existing one. The key thing to consider is whether you want to keep the historical data and keep accessing the same reports in the same fashion as before (ie. use the same ID), or whether you want a totally clean slate to work from, in which case you would have to recreate your reports (or at least share them over). Should you choose to keep the same ID and just append data to it from the new site, then don't forget to make an annotation that describes the change, so that you and anyone else looking at the data knows that there was a switch.


Hope this helps, but post back if you have any other questions.

Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Adding a 2nd property

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That was well thought out and you only included relevant information and gave me two directions I can go. That was perfect.