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Add Blogger country-specific domain to Google Analytics?

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I am using blogger with the URL:
I have 2 question about the country-specific domain.

When someone visit the url,
(.com) will change to (.jp for Japan), (.tw for taiwan) or .ru and more depend where the visitor located.

So, what the best practice to put the url when I add my site to  Google Analytics?

Because of blogger will redirect (.com) to them, I curious the is affect the accuracy of data collect by Google Analytics.


And other question is now my blogger by default enable https, and redirect all non-https connection to https,
Do you think I have to add both non-https and https site to  Google Analytics?

thanks you for help.

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Add Blogger country-specific domain to Google Analytics?

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Hi :-)

It should be setup using the default ( domain
it will track fine using that, since you do not control which domain someone

gets sent to, it depends on the user's location


tracking and reporting is not tied to domain, it is tied via the tracking id in the tracking code.

eg if I were to place your tracking code on my own site, you would see data for my site

in your reports.


use now redirects to that by default, so that is what it should be used in the Property and View






Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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