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I have a GA account and manage data for several web site properties for clients. I want a client to be able to access their specific web property to be able to veiw the analytics specific to their site, with no access to my other managed sites. I can set the person up as a 'Read Analyse' user, but what do I supply them for access to view their property and none other in my account.

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Hi Gary,
You can give access of a particular site from GA account. Please check below post how to give them access.


Hope this helps.


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Hey Gary,

In order to allow the client to view only their specific account/property/views you would go to their Account, and under Admin > User Management add their email address.

Then, when they log into Google Analytics using their email, they will only see the GA accounts they have been given access to AKA only their account.

As long as they dont log in with YOUR email address, they won't have access to your other clients accounts.

Hope this helps,