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Accessing >100 accounts via API

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I've got a CMS/hosted website application which provides a small dashboard view to the site owners, where they can see a quick snapshot of their traffic.


I created a Service Account with a key and I use that key to make API requests. As we onboard new clients and establish their GA accounts for them (we create their GA account under their own personal gmail login), we grant permissions to our Service Account. Based on my understanding of the limits of GA, this should not have been subject to the 100 account limit, since the limit only applies to accounts *created* under a given account, not permission granted.


However, I went to grant permission to a new account today, and received this message:


So I figure, alright, maybe I need my own set of secondary holding accounts to get around the 100 limit (which apparently applies to more than just *owned* accounts now??), so: Service Account -> Holding Account -> Client Account. So I created a new gmail login, established a GA account, and grant access to Service Account. Then I grant access to to Holding Account from Client Account.


When I log in as that GA Holding Account, I see these client accounts listed. However, when I request the profiles my Service Account has access to (via:, I don't see either of the Client Accounts listed. I *do* see the Holding Account that I established. I ensured that itemsPerPage = 1000, and tried to bump up start-index just to be sure it wasn't a pagination issue.

So my question is, what do I do here? It seems insane that the only possible way to get >100 accounts is to pay $150k per year. We literally offer nothing more than a simple in-page chart of traffic. Did I set up my Holding Accounts incorrectly? Am I just unable to see this data through the API? Why am I unable to even grant permissions directly to my Service Account?


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Accessing >100 accounts via API

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Hi Chris, 


User accounts can create up to 25 Analytics accounts but you can only access 100 accounts with a given login, regardless of whether you created the accounts or not.


The only workaround is to create another user account and grant them access.

Repeat for every batch of 100 accounts.


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Accessing >100 accounts via API

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Ok, I updated my app to support multiple service accounts, and as we grow in account numbers, we'll just have to register new service accounts and add them to the list. Seems like an insane approach, but it does work. I wonder why google just refuses to work with companies our size (not big enough to warrant $150k/yr, not small enough to skip under the limits) on this matter. From all the reading I did this is far from a new issue so it's not for lack of ability to change it 


Accessing >100 accounts via API

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Why does such a limit even exist? It seems silly that a Google Partner Agency can't have more than 100 Client accounts in our Analytics Dashboard.