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403 Error service not available (not sure if analytics working at all)

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alright im very confused and very frustrated. im fairly new to creating websites so unsure what to do..


i'll start off by saying i created a site in which google analytics was working. i was using a plugin for this. i then created another site and tried to use the same account to register analytics with another site. i was using the same plugin. everything was working and then i randomly got a 403 error - this service is unavailable in your country. no changes, nothing done to my account it just randomly popped up.


i then did research on that for a while and got it working again. i disabled all plugins reactivated google analytics dashboard for wp plugin, reauthorized and it worked. it was then tracking my site and i know i had 497 page views. then it randomly decided to do 403 error again. again, no changes were made to the account it just randomly did this. this time when i went to go fix it , i would try to reauthorize the plugin it would now say "property not found". so, it wasn't getting anywhere. i then contacted my hosting company to see if there was a problem there, in which they tried to help me. they couldn't find a solution so they told me to download yoast analytic plugin for wordpress.


at this point, i dont know if there was a problem with my google analytic account itself or whether its a plugin.


i thought yoast plugin was working as it was easy to set up but nothing was showing up in the plugin itself. i will paste the code into the plugin and it says "saved setting" yet nothing about the plugin changes at all. no assurance that its working . the employee told me that it will just show up on my analytics account so i waited. however, i checked and noticed that my page views stayed the same, yet i know thats not possible. i waited a few days to see if results (analytics) would show up but they did not. i did a real-time test to see if it would register, it did not. page views have not changed in a few days.


i then used another email. which did not have any other sites registered to see if it was possibly my analytics account set up. i did not tinker with any settings and used the basic settings. i then tried to yoast plugin in which it was doing the same thing as the last. and the other plugin - google anayltics dashboard for WP - would say "property not found"


i do not know what to do


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Re: 403 Error service not available (not sure if analytics working at

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Hi Trevor,

Can you provide your site URL so we can take a look at it? Thanks!

Arnold Majlath, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: 403 Error service not available (not sure if analytics working at

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i appreciate it

Re: 403 Error service not available (not sure if analytics working at

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Also, for what its worth

I downloaded another plugin and have tried both emails. This plugin tells me:

"It seems like you are not registered for Google Analytics or you don't have any Google Analytics Account"

not sure why. as i said, i used the previous email on another site with no problems. and then added another email that was brand new with nothing altered and it gave me this