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1 minute ago
Hello ads forum: I'm a new user of Google adwords video. I started promoting a :30 video in a small county in California with about 15 keywords. No other targeting other than the keywords and location. The problem is after 2 days I'm not getting any impressions or views. I compared the cost to my adwords search ads to determine my CPA but it hasn't been yielding. I guess my question is, what should my starting CPA be for a new...
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1 hour ago
After some changes to my adwords account the ad would set off the learning process and you used to be able to see how many days learning where left by hovering your mouse cursor over the message under campaigns, but the popup no longer shows.Please bring it back.Below is how it used to show the message.  
Hey everyone, So I’ve been told countless times in the past to refer to the policies of AdWords, and believe I know full and well of what they describe to be deemed friendly to advertise or not, but I was wondering what about some phrases that not inappropriate or pretty light in some way.Like for example, would AdWords deem a video not advertisement friendly if I said “God”, "Jesus Christ", or “Gay”? Will AdWords pick up the context of how ...
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3 hours ago
Unfortunately, I did not setup my conversions properly and lost out on about 7 conversions that came into Marketo. I do not have the GCLIDs for these conversions.  My client would like for these conversions to show up in Google Ads and based off the landing pages that these conversions came in on, I know what Ad Group to associate the conversions to. Is there a way to import conversions without a GCLID? If not, what is a workaround I co...
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4 hours ago
I am trying to import list of 3,600,000 locations into AdWords and I am having issues accomplishing this easily. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to accomplish this or a work around? This is my first time having a list this large but I am hoping this solution is common knowledge to anyone with experience in large accounts?  Error Message - limit of 1,000,000 campaign criteria per account