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Understand Google's advertising policies, including ad approval status and account suspension

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Find optimization tips and how-to guides and videos by the Google team, Google Ads Experts and other industry experts

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Performance Optimization

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1 day ago
I have a google nonprofit account, I've been approved to participate in the google ad grants program and I have an ad created that shows as 'active' in my adwords express account. I don't have any payment method on file because we only want to use grant advertising but, the budget shows as $10,001.60 maximum per month (329 daily average) - my understanding is that that's the maximum for ad grants.But, on the ad dashboard, it's showing 0 views and...
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29 minutes ago
My credit card appears in billing information. This is an ad grant account. How do I remove it
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3 months ago
Dear Community, My website running on adwords for almost 4 months and recently the ads been placed under ad disapproval due to policy violation Sale of Free Items. I have read the policy clearly however not sure where the violation is happening? Can you please identify one or two points for me if I am missing something. Adwords Policy team is divided here on the policy violation mot getting a clear idea ...
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1 day ago
Hi friends, Impression share:- when I am looking at all campaigns in Google Ads, one campaign shows 83% under Search impression share. Once I click on that campaign, now I am in Adgroups window, here under Auction insights, the impression share is 75%. Which one we should rely on and why the discrepancy? Average position:- when we want to optimize the campaign are we looking at Ad avg. position or Keyword avg. position? Thanks.
35 minutes ago
Hi everyone, I was trying to add some bid adjustments to a Gmail ad campaign based on the ad schedule, but the column is not there. Are those allowed on that type of campaign? Thanks in advance to everyone that will respond. Giuseppe
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