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tracking specific youtube video pages as placements

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I have a campaign set up to run on YouTube Search and YouTube videos. Within this campaign, one ad group (Campaign_Management_–_Google_AdWords.jpgcontaining one video ad) is targeted to a group of placements. There is no other targeting. The ad group, overall, shows impressions delivered, and clicks received.

When I click on the 'managed' tab, I see zero impressions and clicks shown for every placement (first image).


However, when I switch to 'where ads were shown, I do see numbers for impressions and views (second image).

These "placements" being reported are not really the placements I targeted to. Yes, I was targeting YouTube results pages, and yes, it does say "" But I was targeting *specific* youtube results pages. I want to know what the numbers were for each of those. Is there a way to get that? And what am I to make of the zeroes on the first tab?



Many thanks in advance.






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Re: tracking specific youtube video pages as placements

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Hi there;
Which type campaign is that?
Since the merger of In-search into the In-display, I don't think you can target YouTube search separately as in the past.
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