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YouTube In-Stream Ad - Zero Earned Views and Zero Subscribers - What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Hello eveyone,


I'm running an In-Stream Video Ad on YouTube (29.9 sec). Ad has been running for over four days now. Video is professionally filmed and edited. The CTA comes in at around 00:23 into the video, asking to "click on one of (a total of 2) videos (annotations). Here's the actual video ad:


Budget: £5 per day

Network: YouTube Videos

Locations: All countries and territories
Languages: English (the video is in english - not sure about this one though) 

Devices: All OS, All mobile, Wi-Fi only
Frequency capping: 1 views per day for this campaign

Video Targeting: Placements only (topic-relevant, high view-count videos and channels)

Max CPV: £0.03
I'm currently only running one ad in this campaign. 


After 1,5k+ views and with about 25% of viewers watching the video until the end, performance metrics report 0 Subscribers, 6 shares (I don't understand what "shares" are on YT) and 0 earned views. Attaching metrics below.
My goal is to increase subscribers and views on other channel videos. 

Please, can anyone help me understand what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you!

metrics 1metrics 2

Re: YouTube In-Stream Ad - Zero Earned Views and Zero Subscribers - What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Hi, Im not sure if this is related but there seems to be a bug with the AdWords reporting from  YouTube. I have confirmed that this is an issue. If you have "remarketing" checked in your YouTube account for advertising then it breaks the reporting in YouTube. You can turn off the remarketing ads in creator studio. Then you will see the stats start to work in AdWords. The drawback is your revenue on YouTube will most likely go down a little since remarketing ads have higher engagement. I'm guessing that is what is going on with your account.