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Why did our view rate change after dropping Max CPV, but still above our average CPV

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We were averaging $0.22 CPV for one of our Placement-Instream video campaigns with a max CPV of $2.00. We were told if we lowered our Max CPV to $0.35 or so (still above our average) that we could possibly lower our average CPV to +/-$0.10. We made this change and it appears our average CPV is around $0.11, but our views crashed. We went from an average of 300/day down to 15 today. Any thoughts? Should we increase back up to $2.00 even though $0.35 above our previous average, or does it take time to ramp up. We have a similar ad running in the same campaign, and left max CPV at $2.00. Views went up for this campaign. Thanks for any help/insight you can provide.


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Why did our view rate change after dropping Max CPV, but still above our average CPV

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Hey Craig, 


Lowering your max. CPV should limit the amount of possible views available to you while lowering the avg. CPV that you will pay per view. This is AdWords bidding 101. 


My advice, try playing around with your max. CPV by slowly raising it little by little per day or every other day until you find yourself a nice medium what offers you a lower avg. CPV while still getting you a nice amount of daily views. 


Also, here is a nice article by Google on how to optimize your video campaigns:


I hope this answers your question! 

- Josh 

Joshua, Top Contributor
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