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Trueview ad clicks -some campaigns are missing from GA

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I run a few campaigns from an adwords account linked to a google analytics account. Two campaigns show up in the campaing section in GA. All campaigns are visible in the Video campaings section. BUT only the two that are in two places have clicks related to them, the other video campaigns show as 0 clicks in GA. Whereas in Adwords those are the most successful campaings with hundreds clicks.


Any ideas? Thank you! 

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Re: Trueview ad clicks -some campaigns are missing from GA

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Normally you don't get clicks data in Google Analytics, but rather sessions data and there is a difference between the two. Find more details about differences here:


Also, for dedicated Video Campaigns which are running in AdWords, you get stats for them separately inside Google Analytics interface under Video Campaigns. Are you saying that out of 3 Video campaigns, only 2 are getting stats in your GA account?


Find more details around AdWords Video Campaign report in GA here:



Re: Trueview ad clicks -some campaigns are missing from GA

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Thank you! It is so nice to know that someone is thinking along!
The case was such that 2 campaings show up in two places in GA - under campaings and also under video campaigns. The other 4 show up only in the video campaing. All this is in GA.
I also found an explanation for it. The two that show up in both places had both used a simple link to the website in the video ad. Whereas the others used a shortened link. And that apperantly is not ok. I mean I understand that you should use autotagging and you should never have a reason to put a shortened link as a destination for the video ad. But maybe someone will someday read and find out quicker what might have gone wrong in the campaign set up.

But pankaj, should you still read this. What in your experience is a normal deviation between the sessions and the clicks? I had read about the differences and was too lazy to write it up here correctly. But actually I am seeing differences that have 4 times less sessions in GA than clicks in Adwords... and I am talking about a campaing that to the best of my knowledge was set up corretly (without any shortening etc).

Thank you again for a quick reply.