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TrueView for shopping campaign price

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Badged Google Partner

Hello guys,


what is the pricing of PLA in trueview ads? Cannot seem to find any information, not even in help center.


Do you pay regular CPV or do you pay for CPC, when you click on PLA? Or is it some weird combination of both?





Re: TrueView for shopping campaign price

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Hi Alex,

"In addition to counting a view when someone watches an ad, we will also count a view when viewers click on a card or other elements of your in-stream creative, as we believe this is a strong indication that they are interested and engaged. We’ll bill for these click interactions, similar to what we currently do for TrueView for app promotion campaigns. As always, we’ll only charge when a view is counted and will bill for either the full view or click (but not both). This change will roll out to all TrueView in-stream ads in May."

PLA ads in TruView are also part of this new Card type of ad, so based on the above, I would say CPV.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this from Google also!