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Transferring Video Campaigns from Account to Another - How to?

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I need to separate multiple Video AdWords campaigns from multiple accounts and then import them into multiple accounts. I've checked here and other places but I can't find any kind of solution that works. AdWords Editor lets me import campaigns but they convert them to either Display or Search or Shopping but NOT Video. At this point I am having to copy and paste everything. Does ANYONE know of a better way?

Re: Transferring Video Campaigns from Account to Another - How to?

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Hi Jason - I do not know of another way. Sorry that's not a positive answer, however I thought it might still be useful for you to know that (in case you were holding off in the hope of finding another way).

The ONLY other thing you could try, is calling Support and asking if they have any tools which enable them to make the transfer for you, behind the scenes. Some kind of Super Editor or something :-)
Jack Porter-Smith
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