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Something is weird with my first adwords for video. Need explanations

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Hello, I have set up adwords for video campaign and about 12 hours ago it got a new status : Serving approved

I have set daily budget to $12 per day and after about an hour after status change I immediately got ~5k views in one minute, it dramatically dropped during the next hour and I am not getting any more views now. I am checking adwords account and in "all video campaigns" section I see my video as serving approved but no stats are being showed or updated. It is still zeros everywhere.

Was my traffic from adwords actually? It would make no sense because I would expect about 1k views max for this budget  When do the adwords stats starts updating or when do adwords actually start sending traffic after your ad has been approved?

Re: Something is weird with my first adwords for video. Need explanati

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Just additional info: I have sufficient balance in my account. I also didn't target any niche, the video should be served to anyone/anywhere. I didn't edit the default max bid price, it's at something like 0.02 or 0.03 $.

Smiley Sad Need help. I'm totally lost with this adwords thing.