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Quartile reporting for videos less than 30 secs?

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If my 19 seconds video has 5000 views for which I am paying and under the "my video viewed 100" column there is 5%, what does this 5% Imply? Isn't it that we only pay when a viewer views for at least 30 seconds? - meaning for a 19 seconds video we should only pay for 100% views? 

Re: Quartile reporting for videos less than 30 secs?

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Hi Tshego,

Yes, for trueview in-stream ads that are shorter than 30 seconds you will only pay for the views that complete the video.

With respect to the 5% it means that 5% of the total people who started the video got to the end of the video.

In the example above there is not enough information for us to tell if there is an issue though.

For example, are your ads in-stream or in-display? is 5000 views your total views if not what are your total views? what is your actual CPV not max CPV? what is the amount you were charged during this period?