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In-Video Youtube Ads

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Hello everyone!

I’ve been trying to advertise in YouTube using In-video Ads but I can’t find how to do it properly.

I started creating an Online Video Campaign but I don’t see how to advertise in specific videos (not mine). I just have to option of using my own videos and I want them to show in other videos and just select the image, header, text and urls to show. Is it possible or I only can advertise in my own videos?

My ads are static images no videos and I would like them to appear in specific videos of YouTube.

How can I do that? Thank you very much!!

Re: In-Video Youtube Ads

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Badged Google Partner

Hello Roger E,

most likely you want to do something else than online video campaign.
Online video campaign is for video commericals during the video, at the start of the video or when searching for video etc. different placements on youtube, but you your promotion ad type is video.

What you said you want to do, is you want to target some websites with video content like youtube and then add text, image etc. ad you want to show when someone is watching video.


This link should give you a hint on how to proceed:

Show your ad on YouTube




Re: In-Video Youtube Ads

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Hello Alex,

Is not exactly that.

I know how to use youtube as a placement but what I don't know how to do is to put image ads in a video while it plays. Here is an example.

(The one on the left)

Thank you!