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How to use Brand lift surveys for video ads in India?

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How does one get started?

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How to use Brand lift surveys for video ads in India?

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Hi Monica, 


Depending on the study, there are daily spend minimums of either $1k or $5k. Since the campaign needs to run for at least 7 days in order to get results.

1) Ad format must be TrueView InStream (not available for TrueView Discovery or Display campaigns - yet)
2) All studies include Ad Recall. There are different spend minimums by objective:

Brand Awareness or Consideration
$1k daily spend for 7 days for Recall + Awareness
OR Recall + Consideration

Favorability or Purchase Intent (PI)
$5k daily spend for 7 days for Recall + Fav
OR Recall + PI

If the focus is on Product recall + consideration. The questions will focus on recall and consideration of the brand.
· Product Recall example: Which of the following have you seen online video advertising for recently?
o If you take the brand approach, let us know which of the 3 competitive brands or product you would like to select.
For the search portion of the brand lift study, we need to know: what brand name, product, creative message keywords you would like to choose for the upcoming video. For example:
· Product Name: specify branded Keyword (ex. F-150)
· Product: specify the product names
· Creative message keywords: specify the creative keywords




How to use Brand lift surveys for video ads in India?

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Hi Julia


Thanks for the details. I have some follow-up questions:


- Does the option to create a survey appear only after the campaign runs for some days and incurs a daily spend of $1K or more?

- Is the feature enabled by Google on request by users/brands?


I didn't quite understand the last part. Are you asking if I need help with the brand lift survey?








How to use Brand lift surveys for video ads in India?

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To follow the point in @Julia XhajajJulia reply.


It BLS is provided by Google on the basis of Budget you have planned (Prime Packs). Generally in India, you need to spend at least 650000 in 7 days in true view non skippable. BLS cannot be provided, if you target interest category.


Its better you can approach to your Google account manager. They will give you estimate after checking the inventory availability.


Yes, its survey based question. They show in the banner in GDN property. They will ask the question about the brand recall along with your competitors.

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: How to use Brand lift surveys for video ads in India?

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AdWords runs surveys through Google Consumer Surveys, a thoroughly tested platform for collecting consumer opinion data. Google automatically aggregates and analyzes responses. 


This is done through google platforms, programmatically. (Analytics, Doubleclick, tag manager, etc.) ensuring brand measurement and attribution capabilities to make sure consumers see ads, understand how ads impact consumer perception and measure what consumers do after ad exposure.




Check out the links below for more information: