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How to get Ad name for video campaigns

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We are fetching the video data by calling Video Performance Report.We got the Ad ID(Creative Id), Video Id, Video Title in the report. But we didn't get Account ID, Account name and Ad Name in the report.Is there any specific reason of not adding Ad name in the report?


By the output, we observed the Video and Ad has 1:many relationship. Can you please provide any information about hierarchy of video, ad group and ads?


To get Ad Name, we tried solution of calling Ad Performance report. Is it a right approach? If no, is there any other solution to get Ad Name?

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Re: How to get Ad name for video campaigns

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Hi @Ketaki P for Account ID and Account Name, I'd retrieve these simply using:



at some point in your code.  You'll probably not be calling these that often so this method is probably as efficient as any other, given what you're querying.


The Ad Name could be more difficult as there's limited support for Video at the moment.  I'd probably see what was possible to retrieve using the Creative Id, possibly from another report.



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