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How do you make sure you are using your budget efficiently in AdWords?

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Re: How do you make sure you are using your budget efficiently in AdWo

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Hi Samir
The AdWords help center has some great articles on this very topic. I suggest that you start here:

That should give you a good starting point.
The rest is really up to you. It depends on what your advertising goals are and what you consider an effective use of your budget.

On a more advanced topic, I'd recommend looking into attribution modelling in Google Analytics as well as search funnels in AdWords. In almost 100% of cases I've worked on, AdWords provides a lot more value to a business than a simple "last click" value would indicate. It's actually quite rare that even a large fraction of sales for our clients come from AdWords directly and then buy immediately.

Hope that's given you some insight and a good jumping off point.