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How do I deselect ALL interest categories?

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I want to show my video ad to specific channels/videos, only. I don't want to specify an interest category(s). If I don't, it picks all interset categories by default. Is it possible to not have any interest categories?


Thank you!


Re: How do I deselect ALL interest categories?

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Hi @Namam M,


Welcome to the Adwords community!


Essentially,there is no difference between picking all the interests and not picking any interests. What's your ideal specific channels? Is it by websites?


If so, you can find the "Placement" tab under display setting and list the sites you want your video ads to display:




Hope it helps!




Re: How do I deselect ALL interest categories?

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Hi Naman,


@Jason Zhang is almost right, it's just if we're talking about video ads, using a screenshot of video campaigns would be better Smiley Happy


Anyways, the idea of having Targeting Groups for video campaigns is very much alike the ad groups for regular campaigns for the Google Display Network: you simply choose the targeting criterion and launch the campaign. If you need to target special videos/channels,  you go to your targeting group, then choose "Placements", click "+ Placements" and simply add the ones you need:you can add them manually or search for suggestions.

video placements.png


If you choose placement targeting, interests (and any other targeting criteria) don't matter: leave them alone, and they'll remain unselected. 



Keep in mind: the fact that you choose particular placement doesn't guarantee your ads will be shown them: not all channels allow advertising.


You'll find more information regarding targeting groups and adding different criteria for them here.


Hope this helps!


Milda Prušinskaitė