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Does Adwords For YouTube Get Better At Guessing Who Will Subscribe?

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I ran an ad on my YouTube channel a bit under a year ago that I was very very happy with.  I operate a YouTube gaming channel and this particular ad was bringing in about 10-20 subscribers a day on a $10 per day budget.  I had some time where I couldn't dedicate money to advertising and when I got back into Adwords, I did up a new trailer, trying to leverage what I had learned but the new trailer just didn't do well.   Unfortunately, I had deleted instead of paused the old ad, so I couldn't just reactivate it to try again.


Fast forward to a few days ago.  I set up a new ad campaign with 7 different trailer videos on the channel.  I went through the old well performing deleted ad and did my best to copy every last detail of it.  I set the campaign live and have started to watch the views come in.  However, much to my dismay, and despite most of the ad views going to that old well performing video (obviously Google ranks well matching content with ads better) it's just not bringing in anywhere near the same ratio of subscribers to views.  It is quite literally the same video, with over 100K total views, but in the last two days I've gotten maybe 3 subscribers on a $20 daily spend which is absolutely not sustainable.


So thus my question.  Does the Google Adwords algorithm get better over time at guessing which viewers are more likely to subscribe?  I don't have a product to sell or anything along those lines, so all I am trying to do is get my content out to a wider audience and I'd love to keep giving Google my money to do this, but if these results continue, I simply won't be able to do so.

Re: Does Adwords For YouTube Get Better At Guessing Who Will Subscribe

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AdWords system optimizes towards views not subscriptions. However, if you got 6 subscriber everyday a a year back, this doesn't mean you would get the same nowadays. People's interest change over time.

My advice is not to obsess over the AdWords system and focus more on the video content. Ask for subscribers, use compelling call to action to make it easier for viewer to subscribe to your channel and remember it's all about the value of the content of your video.