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Conversion from YouTube: How to do tracking for two campaigns?

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Hi Adwords Masters!


Here I might have a tricky issue of Youtube conversion tracking:


I have one YouTube video that would be used for two campaign - One for Youtube paid in-display campaign (that people search keywords and our video pops up), another is for sending EDM to our customer (which is nothing to do with Adwords).


Now to let our audience convert, we put the annotation box into the video so people can click it to go to our landing page. The issue is when both our campaigns are running, how can we tell which conversion from which channels?


One of the poor option I can think of is uploading two exactly the same video for different campaigns but it there any better ways?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Conversion from YouTube: How to do tracking for two campaigns?

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Hi Jason,

I believe I can help you sort this out but I would love to understand a little better about your second campaign. Are you running both campaigns through AdWords and just have different goals for each campaign?

Can you elaborate a bit on that?

Basically, you're likely going to be able to rely on Google Analytics for this but before I feel confident that this is the correct path for you, I want to make sure I understand what this second campaign is all about.

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Conversion from YouTube: How to do tracking for two campaigns?

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Hi @PPCBossman,


Yeah my question is about how to report conversions for my two campaigns.


I assume people watched my video(wherever they found it) would be interested to click the button on the video to go to our landing page. The link I inserted is called "annotation", or "card" that both are free features:




Only my first campaign is through Adwords, while another one is nothing to do with Adwords but through our own EDM system to our subscribers in the database.


So  I guess my essential question is: if anyone click on the annotation link and convert on my landing page, will it count as a conversion in Adwords, or Analytics panel? Or, if it does, how the Adwords or Analytics knows it's from my paid campaign or from my own EDM?


Thanks a lot!