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Avg. CPV in Asia, Europe And USA

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What is the Avg. CPV in Asia, Europe And USA?


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Re: Avg. CPV in Asia, Europe And USA

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Avg CPV or even CPC s not predefined.
A lot of factors determines the Avg CPV majorly including the geographic target, ad format(in-stream or in-display), keywords bid, the QS.

Archit, AdWords Top Contributor, Community Profile
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Re: Avg. CPV in Asia, Europe And USA

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Hey Digi, how are things?

It's hard to tell an Average CPV for a whole country, specially when this involves so many different markets and factors. It's not a good data in my opinion.

As Archit mentioned, even with an average CPV in hand, YOUR average CPV can be so much different, because it will rely on factors such as Quality Score, Brand Awareness, Content, Video Edit, Speech and so many more.

The best suggestion I can find is: TEST. Start your campaigns (one for each country) and make tests, see what will be your average CPV and start from there, and then you'll be able to optimize and improve things.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click