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Are adword video views included in the video view count?

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We have a set up a video campaign where one of our videos appears as an add. We want to know if every time we get a view on this as an advert, if it counts to the view count of the video if it was watched in the normal searxhed-for/subscriber way. Example below if the question isnt clear!


- A video on our channel has 1000 views already.

- we use this same video in a video campaign.

- after 1 day, on the AdWords stats we can see that it has had 1000 impressions and 500 views.

- our video is now showing it has had 1,600 views.

... Does this 1,600 include the 500 views from AdWords?

Re: Are adword video views included in the video view count?

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Hi Richard,

Yes it does but only if you are running the Trueview ad types. If you going the reservation buy model, your views wont be recorded in the YouTube interface.

Looking at your question, i believe you are running the Trueview ones only. Smiley Happy

Hope this helps.

Rohit Khanna