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Ads Stopping Again And Again

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I do not know whats the problem.


My ads are stopping again and again.



I mean to say that my ads are stopping ? i do not know whats the problem is 

All my ads are approved plus i have balance in my account. 

I tried the troubleshooter it says that account might be in review but my ads stooped yesterday and now at the morning they come back online and started running again but when i see it now they are stopped again.


Whats the issue anyone who can help me?

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Re: Ads Stopping Again And Again

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Hi @Abhinav S,


Is it possible your campaigns are reaching the daily budget each day and that is why they stop showing?


Set the date range to today and check what the daily budget is and how much the campaigns have spent.


I have attached some pictures below:


campaign daily budget.png


If this is the case, there are some ways to help your ads run longer in a day.

> Set up ad scheduling so your ads show during the hours you get the positive traffic

> Make sure your delivery method is set to standard 

> Replace your most expensive keywords 

> Increase the QS of your ads

>Make sure ads and keywords are separated into relevant adgroups


I hope this helps!

Ads Stopping Again And Again

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No my daily budget is not been reached.

Ads Stopping Again And Again

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Does your account show that your ads are under review or that your account is under review when the ads stop showing? Is this happening every day? 



Ads Stopping Again And Again

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I would recommend you to use the Ad preview tool to check the real time status of your ads.

In case if ads are not triggering due to any reason, the tool will let you know that reason.


Note: Sometimes, new AdWords account get reviewed again and again very frequently for billing and other verification which may take up to 3 business day to get completed.


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