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Website clicks in youtube campaign vs analytics

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Hi all,


What exactly is counted as 'website clicks' in the statisitcs for a youtube video campaign? Reason for my question:

We have a youtube video campaign the constists of three videos where the destination url goes to the website of our client.  However, when I go to the Adwords backend, video campaigns and check the number of website clicks, then the number reported here is almost double the amount of visits coming from this campaign shown in Google Analytics.

We also run normal search campaigns for this client and here the number of visits is (as expected) either the same or higher than the number of clicks coming from the Adwords campaigns so it is highly unlikely that there is some tracking problem on the website because any tracking problem should also impact the data for the search campaign (the destination url is the same).


So what exactly is counted as 'website clicks' in the AdWords reports for youtube video campaigns?


Thanks for any tips



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Re: Website clicks in youtube campaign vs analytics

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Hi Claudia.

Google AdWords tracks clicks, while Google Analytics tracks visits. If a user clicks on your ad twice within thirty minutes without closing his or her browser, this is registered by Analytics as one visit to your site, even if the user left your site and then returned shortly after. For example, if a user clicks on your ad once, clicks the back button, and then clicks your ad again, AdWords registers two clicks while Analytics registers one visit.

It may be the case that a lot of the same users are clicking through to your website. Can you share the numbers here? What's the spread in the difference? Are we talking about something statistically noteworthy? (i.e, 100's or 1000's of clicks in the difference?)

Re: Website clicks in youtube campaign vs analytics

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Hi Dave,


Thank you for your reply. We have three campaigns (one per language) and here the data for last week until Sunday (just to exclude any potential reporting delays):

campaign 1: 410 website clicks in AdWords, 228 visits in Analytics

campaign 2: 331 website clicks in AdWords, 171 visits in Analytics

campaign 3: 126 website clicks in AdWords,   59 visits in Analytics


So the difference is fairly big.


People clicking twice on the same ad should not matter - at least for normal search ads a new visit in Analytics is triggered each time the gclid changes which happens for each click. I have not tested yet whether the gclid changes each time I click on the same video ad, but I do not see any reason why Google should treat search and video clicks that differently.


To get more data I did add a url parameter to the destination urls used in the video campaigns yesterday so I can now distiniguish the landing pages from the landing pages used for the normal search campaign. So if multiple clicks on the ad should only be counted as one singe visit in Analytics then there should at least be a difference between all pageviews and unique pageviews in analytics for this landing page but this is not the case either. So I a pretty stumped here.


One note: I am not an Adwords specialist, so I do not know whether the terminology is important: I used the words 'youtube campaigns' in the title of my post. But the display of the video ads is not limited to youtube - we use normal video campaigns managed via Adwords. So the videos ads are also displayed e.g. on dailymotion and other websites that show videos.


Thanks for your help



Re: Website clicks in youtube campaign vs analytics

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did you find a solution to this problem?
i'm facing the same issue.