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Unable to track conversions across adwords / analytics

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I cannot seem to be able to track conversions from Adwords with Analytics. I don't know if it is because I'm doing something wrong or if it is the result of the way the campaigns and analytics code are set up.


The situation



One account with 4 campaigns, (A1, A2, B1, and B2)

Campaigns A1 and A2 target one website : (Website A) , one campaign is in French, the other in English

Campaigns B1 and B2 target another website: (Website B) . They use different geographic targeting settings.


Website A has it's own analytics account (UA-36465149-1)


Website B shares an analytics account (UA-38810040-X) with another website, so there are 2 sites associated with this account (UA-38810040-1 and -2). Website B has the account # UA-38810040-2


The Adwords and Analytics account for Website A are linked and I can track conversions just fine. So, no problem with website A


For website B, i have tried linking the Adwords and Analytics account, for this I gained Edit privileges for both Analytics and Adwords (and e.g. : I can navigate from Adwords to Analytics by clicking the "Tools" menu in Analytics and then selecting "Analytics".


But when I try to link the accounts from the Analytics interface (By going to Admin > Property Settings > Adwords Linking) Website B does not appear in the table, there is only the message "There is no data for this view"


I tried taking another approach and, starting from the Adwords interface (By going to Tools > Conversions, and then clicking on the "websites" tab ) I can only see that Website A is available to track (but not website B).


Am I doing something wrong or is my inability to link Accounts B1 and B2 to the analytics account B (UA-38810040-2) due to the fact that the adwords and analytics are setup?, should I separate this mess of accounts into separate account so that a single adwords account sends traffic to a single website , which in turn should be tracked by a single analytics account (i.e. none of this UA-38810040-2 and UA-38810040-1 business).


Thank you in advance for your help

Re: Unable to track conversions across adwords / analytics

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I suppose you have this type of messege: ? Do you have red button "New link group" ( If not that means your account doesn't have enough rigths for linking Analytics & AdWords accounts.

Re: Unable to track conversions across adwords / analytics

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Hello Nadin


Thank you for your reply.


Yes I see exactly what you show in your first screenshot ( I have no red button  "New link group" I'll have to ask the super admin (or whatever it's called Smiley Happy) to give me the priveleges or to do it herself.