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Two tracking links for the same blog.

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Hi - I am new to Google analytics and I somehow managed to install the tracking code on my blog for both and  For some reason, the statistics that I am getting are not the same - they seem to overlap but do show different visit rates/bounce rates/durations.  Can anyone explain this for me?  Thank you so much!

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Re: Two tracking links for the same blog.

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Hi runningblonde,


There is a problem with your website! Well, a couple problems.


1. There is no defined default page for the site. When I go to, I get a blank page, complete blank, no html whatsoever. That's a problem.


2. All pages, found or not, return a status code of "200 page found". That's a problem.


3. should redirect all traffic to (assuming both URL's display the same content). Your site doesn't do that, and that's a problem. You should not need 2 sets of Analytics code to track your site--one set will do.


You are running Apache as your web server. I'm afraid I can't help you much to take care of these things. If you have a webmaster or a person who set up your web site for you, ask them to help you straighten these things out. Sometimes your hosting service can help with this.


Otherwise, maybe someone who knows Apache will post here. Or, you may need to do some research. You will probably get better help with these things in the Webmaster Central (aka Webmaster Tools) forum.


Best of Luck!




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Two tracking links for the same blog.

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Hi Pete - Thank you so much for your reply!  When I click on, I get redirected to  Are you saying that it should be the other way around and that should be people's final destination?


I don't know much about the technical stuff behind websites, so I am not sure what "200 page found" means, but I will try to call my host, GoDaddy and give them the info you have written and perhaps they can help me figure it out so that I am running smoothly!


Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this.