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Tracking ticket sales from a third party website

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Hi everyone, 


I would like to know what is the best way to create a tracking pixel for a website that sells tickets. The customers buy the tickets from a third-party website. I've been reading online and looked at some answers here but I am a bit confused on the best way to do this. Should I set up an event in GA or a conversion goal? From there,  if I don't have access to the third-party website, what should I do if they are willing to install the code for me and what should I do if they don't want to install the code? I would like to know both information for future reference. 




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Re: Tracking ticket sales from a third party website

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Hi Audrée,

In a perfect world you would add the Google AdWords conversion tag and Google Analytics tracking code to the 3rd party website where the transaction is completed. I would set this up as a destination goal in Google Analytics and also utilize the ecommerce feature to track revenue. Using a destination goal will allow you to see the drop-off of users from the conversion starting point (generally the first page of the cart) to the order confirmation page.

The issue is that it's extremely unlikely that a 3rd party website would agree to put a tracking code for another site on their order confirmation page. If your tracking code lives on their order confirmation page then you would have the ability to track all conversions (not just your own) that happen on their site, in most code implementations. Not many 3rd party sites want people having access to that type of data.

Because of this you would only be able to track people leaving from your site to complete the transaction on the 3rd party website. It's difficult to provide full guidance on tracking without understanding how exactly your website function. My recommendation would be to implement an on-click AdWords Conversion tag that fires when a visitor leaves the site. This tag would pull in the product/cart value but you would have to do the math to determine what percent of the people that click through to the 3rd party site complete the transaction. Here are the instructions on how to do this:

Hope this helps,

Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Tracking ticket sales from a third party website

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Hi Jim,


I have a similar question and was wondering if you could offer me advice as well. Our website recommends several different organizations with links to their sites. We want to be able to track our users on these 3rd party sites. We'd like to know if they take action on these sites, such as completing forms. How can I use Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager to set this up? These organizations/partners would be able to add code to their sites for us.


Thanks very much!