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Optimise from the Display Impression Share

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What is the display impression share?
The impressions you’ve received on the Display Network divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible to receive.

How to find it in the account, step by step?
1) Sign into your AdWords Account
2) Select the campaigns Tab
3) Select the campaign that you wish to view
4) Dimensions Tab
5) Columns > Customize Columns > Competitive metrics
6) Add Display Impr. share.  Display Lost IS (rank), Display Lost IS (budget)
7) Click Apply  

What does it tell us about the performance of the account?
This is a new feature to AdWords and will show us how effective our targeting is on the Google Display Network. The higher the impression share the better. If the impression share is low (<10%) we can find out whether this is because our bids or budget are too low.

Display Lost IS (Rank) - If this is high it means that we are losing out on ad placements across the Google Display Network because our bid price (CPC) or quality score are too low. In this situation consider either increasing our bids or changing our targeting. Change the targeting to something more specific or topics that you think will likely have less competition.

Display Lost IS (Budget) - If this is high it means that our campaign is running out of budget and for that reason we are missing out on ad placements on the Google Display Network. If you are happy with the budget that you have, you can leave it. If you would like to drive more traffic to your site, consider increasing the budget on this campaign as a high Display Lost Is (Budget) means that there's opportunity here for more clicks/traffic.

Optimise with the display impression share report
The best practices for Display targeting is to use different ad group for different target options, for example:
Ad Group #1: Keywords Only
Ad Group #2: Topics/Interest Only
Ad Group #3: Placement

Once you have this setup, it is easier to evaluate which is working best for you in terms of Average Cost per Click (CPC) and conversion rate. By using different ad groups we can also check out the Display Impression Share for each ad group to help us decide on bids and budget levels.

The newest feature of the Display Impression Share allows you to segment the Display Impression Share by day of week and even hour of the day. This information can greatly help when it comes to ad scheduling,  you can decided:

Should I run on weekend? or evening?
Should I increase by bids at lunchtime?
Should I have separate campaigns with lower budgets on Sundays?


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Re: Optimise from the Display Impression Share

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Thanks, Marc.

Re: Optimise from the Display Impression Share

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Hi Thanks for providing valuble information about display network.




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