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Location Targeting Query

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I have added a few cities and towns using the location tab in Campaign settings but it is still showing data for country along with town and cities.


For e.g., it is showing data for country: India and cities added: Delhi, Haryana.


My question is whether the ad is being showing in only Delhi or Haryana or whole of India.


Thanks in advance.

Re: Location Targeting Query

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Hey Naushin,

Welcome to the Adwords community.
Well as you mentioned you set India with this two mentioned states. India covers all the states and cities so your ad will show in Entire India.


If you want to target only this two states then specify both states only.

Go to Let me choose and add both states only (Dont includes india)



Re: Location Targeting Query

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Hello Naushin,


To add to the previous advice, I would recomend reading this guide about

How ads are matched to geographic locations


If the user is in one of the smaller regions, in your example the city Delhi , the Ad impressions will be recorded for his City not for the larger location "India" which contains Delhi.


If the user is outside Delhi or Haryana but he is still in an area matching the larger location targeting "India" the Ad impressions will be recorded under "India".


The same happens if you use bid adjustments per location , as described here :




Multiple location bid adjustments

Multiple adjustments that apply to the same location won't be combined. If you set an adjustment of +50% for France, and +100% for Paris, only the adjustment for Paris, the most specific location, will be used for traffic from users in Paris."


If you want to see a distribution of impressions across India to set bid adjustments,  it is best to add all the major regions and cities and on top of them the general country targeting India . Sometimes the users will not be identified as belonging to the smaller included regions and they will be recorded under the country targeting "India" .

Re: Location Targeting Query

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Hi Naushin,

I apriciated Kandarp and Adrian answer, Your ads being showing whole of India.(also display in Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra... etc all cities which covers under India).