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Conversion Tracking On Submit of Contact Form 7 form

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I am having a hard time getting an Adwords conversion tracking code to work.  We do not have a Thank You page and I was hoping to have it track clicks on the submit button of the form.  Here is the code for the form (I edited the conversion link for client privacy)


<div class="row-fluid">
<p class="span4 field">[text* your-name watermark "Name:"] </p>
<p class="span4 field">[email* your-email watermark "E-mail:"] </p>
<p class="span4 field">[text your-phone watermark "Phone:"] </p>
<p class="field">[textarea your-message watermark "Message:"] </p>
<p onclick="goog_report_conversion(';guid=ON&amp;... type="reset" value="clear" class="btn btn-primary" />[submit class:btn class:btn-primary "send"]</p>


I probably just have the code wrong...I have muddled the code so much I am not even sure what the submit button code was to begin with. I was not sure which directions to follow on for this type of element.  I would appreciate your help!  Thanks

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Re: Conversion Tracking On Submit of Contact Form 7 form

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Hi @Heather B are you using Google Tag Manager for the site?  If not, you should really consider it as it makes all manner of conversion tracking a whole lot easier, including form submissions, link clicks, etc.


Alternatively you can set up Analytics to track events for form submissions, just search on "analytics form submission" and you should see a load of guides.


I wouldn't try to edit the contact 7 code manually as it can make upgrades tricky, it's usually better to track the actual events.


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Conversion Tracking On Submit of Contact Form 7 form

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Steps for Contact form 7 Conversion tracking:
1. Go to Plugins & search for Adwords Tracking Code
2. Click to install "Adwords Tracking Code"
3. Activate This
5. Add a new page with Thank You message and save with alias thank-you. Paste conversion code in box "Adwords Tracking Code" and save. 
6. Go to contact form 7 additional setting, paste and save :
on_sent_ok: "location.replace('');"

Conversion Tracking On Submit of Contact Form 7 form

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Jon Gritton's solution did it for me. 
Been searching for a solution to this for years, literally!
Google Tag Manager sorts it all out. 

I have a whole lot of websites with the same setup on the contact page.

It has a contact form 7 on my contact pages, with a submit that I don't want to go to a separate thank you page, and on the same page it has a clickable mailto email function as well as a clickable phone number for automatic dialing. With Google Tag Manager, I have easily set it up to count each one of these as a separate conversion with different money values assigned to each, as well as setting the contact page view as a conversion with its own money value (in case someone goes on and just takes my phone number off of it). 


Thanks a million Jon!

Conversion Tracking On Submit of Contact Form 7 form

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Hi @Jon_Gritton

I sure hope you can help us here!

Our Goal is to use the Google Tag Manager to track Adwords conversions through multiple forms on a Wordpress site, using Contact Form 7 plugin.

Google Tag manager code is installed in the theme
NOTE: We do NOT have access to the site or the dashboard. (Not in our job description.)

I should be able to use GTM to add conversion tracking for each successful form submission.

At this point I have only found instructions for Google Analytics conversion tracking, most of which include the use of a plugin or access to the Wordpress Dashboard.
Conversions for each of the forms has been created in Google Adwords
I have the ids and labels for the conversion code.
I have access to view the page source to gather information concerning the individual Contact Form 7 forms.

Since Contact Form 7 has been updated and the on-sent-ok-is-deprecated I have not been able to figure out a new solution.

I am stuck at the part where you select the trigger configuration and only assume that I am on the correct path.:
trigger configuration - page view dom ready - some dom ready events - Fire this trigger when an Event occurs and all of these conditions are true -

I assume I need to identify the form somewhere so that the correct conversion is triggered

I am back to my question
What are the steps to setup Contact form 7 ADWORDS Conversion tracking using only GTM?