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Campaigns / ads keep stopping

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At the start of July all of our adverts were upgraded for the url upgrade. 


The next day all of our campaigns targeting certain sites in a particular country stopped running. There appeared to be absolutely no reason for this, as the adverts had been running for some time. I spoke with the website managers and they confirmed that they did not have an issue with the adverts and were not stopping them.


We removed the tracking, and the adverts started running again. When the tracking was added back in again, they stopped. Unfortunately, when the tracking was removed again they wouldn't run at all.


We ended up creating new campaigns, but with the old advert text they wouldn't run even though they were approved. So we created one similar text advert which was approved and ran fine.


Over the past week or two we have been adding the tracking back in slowly and it seems to be running.


On Friday we created some completely new adverts to add into the campaigns and they were all approved. For some, unknown to us and Google, it stopped the campaigns completely (including the existing running adverts) over the weekend.


Today we have removed the new adverts and the other one is running again. Google have not been able to be of any assistance throughout any of the issues over the past few weeks, they have had their technical people look at the account and say there is nothing running. They also do not believe that the tracking had any impact and believe it was just a coincidence.


So I'm hoping there may be someone technical here that may be able to give some tips or advice? I have a feeling it may be a problem within the adwords back end though.


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Campaigns / ads keep stopping

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I believe this isn't related to the URL upgrade,a s ads should either be approved or disapproved as per the Final URL policy. Have you looked into other ad serving factors like ad scheduling or automated rules?
Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Campaigns / ads keep stopping

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Dear Sumanth,

Yes, they were working fine but after the ad url upgrade they stopped? Nothing in the campaigns had changed - no schedules or automated rules were entered? So I'm not sure whether this would be automatically implemented by Google?

Recently we've been having more issues when we tried adding adverts. Again, all that was added was the adverts and this stopped all the campaigns from running. When they were taken off and separated into their own ad groups, they all ran fine again?

I'm 99% sure this isn't a user error but a problem with google....