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Adwords Assisted Conversions Not Matching Google Analytics

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So for some reason the assisted conversion data that I am seeing in Google Adwords is not matching Google Analytics. Take the last 30 days. Google Adwords is only recording 1 conversion, and when I look at assisted conversions it also only sees one. When I look at the same Google Adwords data in Analytics, I can see 1 conversion, and 5 assisted conversions for a total of 6 conversions. A massive discrepancy that is significantly affecting how I manage this Adwords account. I know that Adwords should be using last Adwords click as its attribution model, so really it should be recording all 6 of these conversions. For whatever reason it is only recording conversions where Adwords was the first and last conversion. If any other channel ended up being the last click that caused the conversion Adwords does not see it or record it, but GA sees it fine. I am using goals imported from GA in Adwords and my accounts are of course linked.



Anyone have any thoughts as to what could be causing this? I use another third party analytics tool so I can confirm that the GA data is correct, I just want Adwords to be able to correctly record the assisted conversions as well. I have looked around and seen similar type topics but none that address exactly this question. Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Adwords Assisted Conversions Not Matching Google Analytics

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Hey Taylor. 

I've experienced the same frustration myself. It actually books down to a confusion in how AdWords presents the data and the names of the assist columns. I honestly believe it is a bit of a legacy issue.


Anyway, can you look in your conversion settings and tell me what you see? The checkbox for telling AdWords to count the assists as conversions, is it checked?  I'm going to assume not, but let's get this part  out of the way first. A screenshot would actually be useful here if possible. 


Next, we'll look at the look back windows. Not to be condescending, let's just rule that out before continuing too. 


If you could provide screenshots for what your seeing too in both AdWords and GA that would really help me. I need to ensure were both on the same page. Make sure you've got any private information blurred or cropped out. 


Re: Adwords Assisted Conversions Not Matching Google Analytics

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply! I am not seeing in Adwords where the check box is to count assists as conversions. I am importing my goals from Google Analytics. I looked under conversion settings in Adwords but I don't see it there. Am I Looking in the wrong place?

Also here are screen grabs from the data I am seeing in both GA and Analytics for the last 30 days. I couldn't get the pictures to post in this thread so they are links to the images in my Google Drive:

Re: Adwords Assisted Conversions Not Matching Google Analytics

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Hi Taylor,
Thanks for the additional information.
This is in fact default behaviour. To change it, you need to change your conversion settings in AdWords. It's a little different if using imported conversions but the setting is the same.


So, in Tools>>Conversions, select the analytics option in the left menu.
It should tell you that you're importing goals and give you a "conversion actions" link. This is the default landing page in the conversions menu but just in case.
Click on your conversion name in the right pane from GA (You'll have to do this multiple times for each conversion if you have multiple conversions imported)
You'll see an "edit settings" button below it's details.


conversion settings.jpg

Notice the highlighted area? The value? That's showing you the default "display" value in AdWords for conversions. 

When you click the edit button, you'll have the option to change that. I believe you have it set to "count all conversions". If I'm understanding your problem correctly. If not, it's the opposite Smiley Happy 

Change it to the settings that I have above and save, then, future transactions will only show last direct AdWords click conversions as conversions in AdWords and the click assisted conversions will display the way you want. If you want to see the total conversions then in your reports, you need to enable the "all conversions" column. This shows the aggregated numbers and while it might not match GA exactly, it should be pretty close. 

Hope that helps.

Re: Adwords Assisted Conversions Not Matching Google Analytics

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Hi Dave,

Please forgive me if I am still missing something here. Below are the current conversion settings that I have in Adwords and GA.



What exactly do I need to change?

Also, it was my understanding that the default setting in Google Adwords is that Adwords uses the last Adwords click for its attribution model:

"AdWords will attribute a conversion to the last AdWords click only. On the other hand, for all reports except the Multi-Channel Funnels reports, Analytics uses a last click attribution model across all channels (excluding direct). For example, let’s say a user clicks on a creative from your AdWords account, then returns the next day via a Google organic search result and reaches your Goal page or triggers a Transaction. Analytics will attribute the Goal or Transaction to google/organic. AdWords will attribute the Goal to the AdWords campaign."

Thanks so much for your help!