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AdWords report in Analytics: Placement not showing conversions

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Hi. Wonder if anyone can help. We're getting a decent number of Goal conversions from one of our Content Network accounts. Using Google Analytics and drilling down to Adwords > Display targeting, we can see Automatic Placements listed, with 16 Goals registered within the time we're looking at. However, if we then click on Automatic Placements to see the actual placement source of each conversion, only 2 conversions are reported. The other 14 are not there.


Has anyone experienced this? Is it a setting we've missed, or does Analytics no longer report to that level for Adwords?


We don't pull those specific Goals into Adwords ,hence why we're using Google Analytics to get the data.





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Re: AdWords report in Analytics: Placement not showing conversions

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Hi Brian
Great question and something that I had been curious about before.
The most likely reason for this is the report updating frequency. Think of GA as a tool full of individual/separate reports that all update at slightly different times. Chances are, you were looking at the placements overview report before all the data had been synced over to the drilled down version of the report.

Seeing that you posted this on Friday, I assume this will be resolved now for the date that you were looking at it for. If not, it may be that sampling is at play due to the size of your account. Let me know if it was resolved or not and we can investigate further if needs be,

Re: AdWords report in Analytics: Placement not showing conversions

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Hi Dave,

That's what I'd thought initially, but it doesn't seem to be the cause. Looking at Campaign level (via Analytics) and at the Automatic Placements level of the Display Targeting report, we can see Goal Completions from 12th June - 22nd June. We can also see 2 prior to that, between 4th - 6th June.

Drilling down to the placement report, the only conversions listed are the 2 from 4th - 6th. So it doesn't seem to be a delay. If it is, it's taking a long time.

One key difference we are seeing is that all those which aren't displaying were download events, setup as Goals. The 2 that are showing are regular old form fills. Not sure if that's playing a part.

We're also considering whether it's some form of spam attack. However, that wouldn't really explain why the conversions show in some reports and not others.

Unfortunately the downloads goal conversion wasn't being pulled into Adwords at the time, so we weren't able to compare Adwords v Analytics. We've set this up now, but no conversions yet since setting up.

It's definitely a strange one. If it wasn't reporting at all, then it might be easier to find a problem. It's the fact that it reports at certain levels, but not others, that's causing the issue.