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35 sessions, 0 clicks

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 Hi all,


This has been reported a couple times, but none of the ultimate solutions in those threads work for me.


I've got a 1wk old campaign that has generated 35 clicks. Analytics shows 0 sessions, and my inbound marketing tracker shows the same (paid search = 0 visits).


  • Using Universal analytics code, verified correct by Tag Assistant.
  • Not 'invalid clicks' because AdWords is charging for them.
  • Accounts have admin/edit access appropriately.
  • Analytics/Adwords link is working, as the campaign shows up in there correctly.
  • The autotagging gclid URL variable is appending correctly and not hitting any snags as it renders. All GET results are 200.

The analytics.js code is in the footer, so a 100% bounce rate in less than 2 seconds of page load time might explain it... but it's unlikely. These are very, very targeted ads, so it is extremely unlikely that a valid click would be a bounce. Even our organic hits have a 50% or lower bounce rate.


Can anyone see what I'm missing? These are expensive keywords, if we're missing sessions because of a bug somewhere I really need to know ASAP!

Thank you in advance.


Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.50.27 PM.pngThe analytics dashboard showing zero sessions

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Re: 35 sessions, 0 clicks

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Hi Sarah F,

The only thing I can suggest is moving the Universal Analytics code to the head section. Google says it should be place immediately before the closing head tag (</head>).

These results would indicate the visitor left the page before the Analytics code was loaded.

How's your page load time? Really under 2 seconds to load the entire page including the code?

Are there any re-directs involved with your landing page? If not done correctly you could be losing the gclid value.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: 35 sessions, 0 clicks

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Thanks for your reply, Pete.


No redirects, the gclid is appending correctly... nothing is getting lost or corrected or anything, at least when I test it.

The page load comes in around 3.5 seconds, and the script loads right around the 3 second mark for the landing page. I'll move it to the header in the meantime just to check, but man, this is an oddly specific ad to be getting 100% bounce -- especially considering that with far less specificity in organic search, half the visitors stick around.

Any other ideas eagerly encouraged!

Re: 35 sessions, 0 clicks

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I've moved the GA code to the header and further reduced the load time of the page. Pingdom now has it under 2 seconds. And still 0 sessions!

Could I possibly be missing something in the config??

Re: 35 sessions, 0 clicks

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You also need to make sure that the linkage is done in both directions - in AdWors make sure that autotagging is selected and that you have the GA account linked.

Then within GA you need to link the Adwords account in the admin section.

Out of interest, if you select the AdWords traffic tab within GA - do you see the clicks? You probably will do, in which case be sure to follow the steps outlined above.

Re: 35 sessions, 0 clicks

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In GA, my AdWords account shows up correctly under "Configure AdWords link group" in the admin panel for the property.


In AW, it says "This account is linked to Analytics." and has the correct GA property checked, along with "1 linked view" and "3 goals imported." (The view linked is one with filters in place to eliminate known spam referrers and invalid hostname hits, so that's not the problem.) It also says "Auto-tagging: Yes".


I believe this means it's set up correctly!


On the AdWords traffic tab in GA, I see the screenshot above. Clicks, no sessions, thus the problem.


Any other ideas?