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Trekking Agency to Mt. Everest

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Today we're featuring our recommendations for @Life Himalaya T , who runs, a local trekking agency to reach to Mt. Everest base camp, priced reasonably. @Life Himalaya T wants to generate more sales of his services. Want to share your own helpful insights with @Life Himalaya T? We invite you join the conversation in the comments below.

@Life Himalaya T, thanks for reaching out to learn about how to improve your AdWords campaign. Based on the information you shared, we understand that you run a local trekking agency to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp.@Life Himalaya T has years of experience climbing, and organising climbs, to Mt. Everest Base Camp. @Life Himalaya T's business is open year round and he is hoping to generate more sales of his services.

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Re: Trekking Agency to Mt. Everest

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I am not sure about your current campaign structure so cant write much about that
Here are my 4 cents.
1. I noticed on click of book now on light box it lands on a page with UTM parameters which will over ride original source of visit and will be quite impossible to measure campaign success. Please remove UTM parameters from book now links. In fact in link which leads to domain should not have UTM parameters.

2. Try using business data to show exact prices in your ad copy.

3. Try to get more tripadvisor reviews and also embed them on your website especially on package details page

4. If images are worth 1000 words videos are worth a million. Try to get more video content and video reviews.

Hope this helps

Regards, Nik
LinkedIn  |   @nikhilparachure | My Blog

Re: Trekking Agency to Mt. Everest

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@Life Himalaya T


I'd consider losing the popup lightbox that loads when arriving to your homepage.  If you are using this as your landing page, it could be hurting the landing page experience part of your QS.  It's also a bit out of order in my opinion.  Due to the gravity of the service you offer, I think people want to learn about you, your company, and the experience before they consider what it costs. 


Instead of having the lightbox popup automatically, you might want to consider some kind of link or graphical ad with a call to action. Something like, "Check out today's specials!"  If the specials page has a unique URL you could use it as one of your site links, which is a type of Ad Extension already mentioned.

I'm not sure how wide you are targeting, but your service is certainly of interest to thrill seekers world wide.  I'd be sure to take note of where conversions are coming from, and focus more on areas that perform better. If you are targeting multiple countries, making sure you're using the right vocabulary for the region is also important.  An example would be Vacation and Holiday being used to describe a leisure trip. Vacation is used in the USA and Holiday is more of a UK term.