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Professional Keynote Speaker in the United States - Share your tips for success

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Community Manager

Today we're featuring our recommendations for @Brynn W, who is an expert Keynote Speaker and can be found at @Brynn W wants to increase the number of leads for her professional services. Want to share your own helpful insights with @Brynn W? We invite you join the conversation in the comments below.

@Brynn W, thanks for reaching out to learn about how to improve your AdWords campaign. And thank you for sharing many details about your business.@Brynn W is an expert and a keynote speaker who wants to  maximize the number of people who click onto her website (there they can inquire about and buy my services).@Brynn W wants to minimize the number of prospective professional speakers or keynote speakers in training who click on my website looking for advice, best practices, or to browse what other professional speakers are doing.@Brynn W is looking to increase the number of leads for these professional services (found at


We reviewed your account and recommend that you focus on increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR), Clicks and Quality Score. Here’s a bit more about each metric, along with specific actions you can take to help improve your campaign performance.


Click Through Rate:

  • Include your keywords in your ad text: Using your keywords in your ad text helps catch the attention of people who searched for those words, and shows that your ad is relevant to what they want. For example, if you've included digital cameras as a keyword, your ad headline could be "Buy Digital Cameras." Read more about writing great text ads.
  • Enhance your ad with extensions: Ad extensions show extra information about your business in your ads, such as a phone number or links to specific pages on your website. This helps your ad stand out and gives customers more reasons to click.
  • Pause keywords with low clickthrough rate (CTR): You'll want to invest in high-performing keywords that are generating clicks. To help free up budget and visibility for more successful keywords, you'll want to consider pausing keywords with low CTRs.



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Quality Score:

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  • Filter out irrelevant words: Negative keywords prevent Google from showing your ad for searches containing that phrase. We recommend including at least 3 negative keywords per ad group to filter out terms that aren't relevant to your business.

We hope these tips will help you succeed with AdWords. Feel free to share additional information such as your website, and the copy of your ads if you wish. If you have any further questions, just reply to this post and our community of Experts will be happy to assist.


For those Community Members looking help out Brynn, here is what makes her unique in her own words: "I'm an expert in brain hacks that make you better at business and in life. It's interesting, exciting, self-improvement information that tickles and teaches at the same time. Audiences love my talks because it helps them in their everyday and professional lives. They take away advice and information they can implement right away. It's got something for everyone too--whether the audience member is highly professionally or vocationally motivated, or spiritual, or personally troubled, or status oriented, or interested in money, or interested in health and maximizing it etc. I'm very highly educated compared to many of my competitors (PhD, MBA, PhD, HBSc), much younger on average, and use real science to drive home real-life solutions (many competitors tell whimsical stories or talk about their own philosophies, I use real science and it's immediately useful information.)"

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Re: Professional Keynote Speaker in the United States - Share your tips for success

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Top Contributor

I like the  site; service offering is clear, the text well written and focused on the services offered. And the site fits well on a mobile device.

My 3 recommendations are:

  • To enlarge a bit the fonts. (Fonts are a bit samll on big monitors)
  •  To add a phone number on the  contact tab
  • And to cut by half the  number of  videos (on the Media tab).  There  are too many, on too many topics. This could confuse users.... Keep the short ones with  the better performances. 
Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Professional Keynote Speaker in the United States - Share your tips for success

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Top Contributor

@Brynn W in respect of "unwanted" clicks, sometimes there's really nothing you can do to reduce them.  In many ways it's a catch-22 situation; if your Ads can be found and seen easily by the people you want to see them, they can be found and seen easily by the people you don't.  Using negative Keywords will help (a lot) to filter out unwanted searches, but if the query used by a competitor is the same as one that might be used by a valid customer, there's little you can do.  This problem is, of course, not unique to online advertising.  Put an Ad in a magazine and some of your competitors will be reading it, make a radio Ad and some will be listening to it.  Do what is possible to reduce the effect (and a lot more is possible with online advertising than print or other channels) but don't obsess over it.  If you try too hard to exclude these searches, you may inadvertently affect the ones you actually want.


On the website itself, your list of media appearances is very impressive and I can't help feeling I'd like to see some reference to these on the home page.  These clips act as a very good indicator of professional standing, far more than mere qualifications, people trust people they see on TV (rightly or wrongly).  There's an awful lot of white space on the home page and while this makes a nice clean look, I can't help feeling there's room there to highlight the media aspect.



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Re: Professional Keynote Speaker in the United States - Share your tips for success

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Rising Star
# 4
Rising Star

Hi, I just want to add few points from my side.  


I also think that you can't really get rid of all unwanted clicks, but at least you should measure what results you are getting from current traffic so you can understand if it's relevant or not. I would suggest to: 

  • Set up conversion tracking to get rid of traffic which is not giving any results. 
  • Apart from search campaigns, test different retargeting campaigns: RLSA , YouTube remarketing, Display Remarketing 
  • Optimize your website. Other experts already gave you some good advices, if you have enough traffic you can hire CRO (conversion rate optimization) assistant who can run different tests and report results.
  • To minimize unwanted clicks you can also experiement with different ad copies, banner ads, extensions. You can add price in some of them and set rotation to "Optimize for conversions". 



Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency
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Professional Keynote Speaker in the United States - Share your tips for success

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

In addition to all the great suggestions listed here, I would add a call to action on your popular keynote presentations and maybe even a contact form on those pages. maybe something like "Learn More About Booking Dr. Winegard Today" The call to action on the homepage is not very intuitive I would rework those and test out a couple of versions.