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Online Appliance Parts Store in the United States - Share Tips for Success

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Today we're featuring our recommendations for @Azucena R , who runs an online appliance parts store and can be found at   and would like to drive more quality traffic to their site and increase sales.
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@Azucena R, thanks for reaching out to learn about how to improve your AdWords campaign.
Based on the information you shared, we understand that your business is an online appliance parts store and something that makes you stand out from your competitors is low prices and the fact that you only sell original parts. Your top goal is to drive more traffic to the site and boost sales.


We reviewed your account and recommend that you focus on increasing your CTR (clickthrough rate) and clicks. Here’s a bit more about each metric, along with specific actions you can take to help improve your campaign performance:



  • Competitive Bid Strategy: Make sure you're bidding competitively: AdWords can automatically manage your bids for you to help bring you the most possible clicks within your budget. Learn how to set the correct bidding strategy for your campaigns. 
  • Themed Ad Groups: Organize your campaign into tightly themed ad groups: Ad groups are where you write your ads and choose keywords that can trigger those ads to show when someone's search contains your keywords. Every campaign needs at least 1 ad group, and every ad group needs at least 1 ad, but we recommend a minimum of 2 ad groups with at least 2 ads in each.
  • Pause Keywords with low CTRPause keywords with low clickthrough rate (CTR): You'll want to invest in high-performing keywords that are generating clicks. To help free up budget and visibility for more successful keywords, you'll want to consider pausing keywords with low CTRs.



  • Location bid adjustment: Adjust your bid by location: A location bid adjustment allows you to raise or lower your bid for searches that occur in specific geographic areas. If clicks from certain places are worth more to you, try setting a location bid adjustment to show your ads more frequently there.
  • Ad scheduling + bid adjustmentsCreate an ad schedule: Control when your ad show by scheduling it to run only on certain days or during certain hours (for example, your business hours). Then you can set bid adjustments to raise or lower your bid for specific times or days.
  • Target Search Page Location (if targeting a wide area)Bid for better visibility: The automated bid strategy “Target search page location” sets your bids to help increase the chances that your ads appear at the top of the page or on the first page of search results.

We hope these tips will help you succeed with AdWords. Feel free to share additional information such as your website, and the copy of your ads if you wish. If you have any further questions, just reply to this post and our community of Experts will be happy to assist.

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Re: Online Appliance Parts Store in the United States - Share Tips for Success

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Thanks for the information Smiley Happy

Online Appliance Parts Store in the United States - Share Tips for Success

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They could take advantage of PLA's. I have found this work great for these types of products because users are searching for the exact items.