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3 hours ago
I have 2 different success pages for our website. one is recording the organic and other is recording paid campaign conversion. Shall i create 2 different goal tracking conversion in Adwords or keep it simple? Please advise.Right now i created 2 different conversion actions for 2 different pages. Both are recording different data. What shall be the best way to track them.
1 hour ago
Hey there, I have about 10 AdWords accounts linked to one Analytics account view. This is very helpful to look at search queries across accounts. However, it would be even better if I also had the possibility to drill down by account. I have tried to set this up as a custom report but when I add "account" at the top of the Dimension Drilldown the report is no longer showing the click data at the search query level. Any help with th...
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2 hours ago
I've implemented a GA event on my website, then created a GA goal based on it , now I want to track this goal as a conversion on AdWords.Do I only import the goal and then will start counting based on my Ads . is there any extra codes from adwords should be installed ? or import is enough and no need for AdWords codes ?hence I'm using GTM for installing GA tracking code on my website.
11 hours ago
I cannot find a real person to speak with. I cancel the account, then months later, it hits my credit card again. I'm getting really tired of this and would like to make it stop.
5 hours ago
Hello there!Here is my problem: I want to build a feed through Adwords Business Data.I have created the csv file and it is updated daily and hosted on my server.I then go to "scheduled upload", put the URL of the file (no login / password).Each time it is supposed to upload as per schedule, I see:"Input error. File not found. Please check that your URL, name, and/or password are correct. No changes" in the upload history.If I click on the link my...
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