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2 days ago
My new Google adds app says I've had 15 views and 1.8K clicks in the last 24hrs but analytics is saying I've had 64 clicks since March 13th.
29 minutes ago
Hi. I am interested to find common keywords and long tail phrases,for an application for tourists that search for a doctor nearby during a vacation abroad.Do you know any tools similar to google trends/ keyword planner , etc',that specialize in specific niches like medical or in specific geos ?
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3 hours ago
Hello, Does anyone here know if there is a way to create ad customizers in Search or Display mobile app install campaigns? I tried to create an ad but it seems that it doesn't identify the customizer (it counts it as part of the ad text). Thanks,Nizan
1 hour ago
Hi everyone, When you link up your e-commerce platform with Google Merchant Center and it automatically populates your product data feed how can you be sure that the titles and descriptions will be suitable for the ads? The product data feed is populated from the information on your website as far as I'm aware.  If a website has thousands and thousands of products, I can't imagine people go in and edit the titles and descripti...
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3 hours ago
I am running a travel campaign and having two quite similar ad groups - the 1st one is a KW set of two destinations and the 2nd group is a KW set of these 2 destinations and adding one more place eg:Group 1: +thailand +cambodia +toursGroup 2: +thailand +cambodia +laos +toursI have massive negative keyword lists and I am using broad and broad modified matches. The search terms are very relevant but there is a quite high ratio of search terms ...
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