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2 days ago
a pics , which is shown after login google adword accountneed solution . when i login my google adwords account , its comes like the above  picture  , the first adword account ans it id is linked to my youtube channel . but others two google adword account is created from my unconsciousness whose r not necessary  . Now what can i do or  how i will delete rest two adword account id ? i need just first one wh...
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9 hours ago
Hi,Apologies in advance if this question has already been answered elsewhere, but I can't seem to find an answer.  I am a little puzzled as to what the "Cost" column means. The little questions mark says it's the sum of Cost per thousand impressions and CPM spend. If the value is 3.00, does this mean it costs me 3.00 for 1000 impressions or clicks onto my ad?Secondly, if it's a cost per 1000, then I'm further puzzled by the totals at th...
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Hey everyone,My campaign is receiving 0 impressions on call extensions. I checked all my settings and everything appears to be set up correctly. I called Google and was told Ad Groups need 20-50 clicks in the last 30 days to serve call extensions. I have 2 ad groups that consistently have well over 20-50 clicks in the last 30 days but still 0 impressions. I had never heard about this threshold before - anyone have more details? anyone know w...
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1 hour ago
Has anyone used Dynamic Search for a Real Estate campaign? I use it a lot for Furniture Stores but I am not sure if it would work for real estate listings. Has anyone used DS for other than products?
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20 hours ago
I can't help but feel I'm looking right at it and not seeing it. How do you add the Analytics, Bounce Rate column in my campaign and ad group reports? With this new interface, I don't even see an Analytics option with regard to modifying columns. Analytics is linked and import site metrics is on. thanks,Bill