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rejection but no reason

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Hi I've applied for Ad Grant for a refugee charity in New Zealand (im in UK) but the application has been rejected without any reason given

We cant join the non profit programme because it doesn't seem that charities in NZ can do that.

The application had the authenticity certificate attached to the application. It has a substantial website, isnt govnt funded so I'd be grateful if someone can tell me where I can find out the reason for the rejection and what I can do about it

Thanks Bruce

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Re: rejection but no reason

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Here's what the official documentation saying about your own case:

Applications to the Google Ad Grants programme may be rejected if the organisation does not have the proper charity status, the organisation fails to meet the programme's eligibility requirements or the AdWords account is not correctly configured according to the Account Creation Guide.

If your application was rejected for charity status, it means that your organisation does not meet the charity status requirements for acceptance into the Google Ad Grants programme. If you're able to obtain the appropriate charity status in the future, please feel welcome to reapply at that point.

If your application was rejected because the AdWords account was not built correctly, we'll send you an email with instructions on how to fix the errors and resubmit the AdWords account for review.


Re: rejection but no reason

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Hi Bruce,
NZ charities may apply for Google Ad Grants but they need to do so through the NZ Ad Grants website here:

Attempting to apply through a different countries website, such as UK, will result in an automatic rejection.

Re: rejection but no reason

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Thanks Ahmed and Robert for the replies.
As far as I can see the charity does meet all the requirements which is why I'm confused. The only aspect is that the requirements state that the charity is registered under the 'New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs under the Charities Act 2005' where as the certificate that i have been supplied is dated 2002 under the charitable Trusts Act, 1957.
would that be enough to have the application rejected? If so i will try to get an updated certificate. 

i did apply on Google NZ, not the UK
thanks again for your input.