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links to external website

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Grants program says that every ad cannot contain especially links to esternal web sites, but what is the meaning of "especially"Smiley Happy for Grants program? I mean: 1 link, for exemple, is allowed?

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Re: links to external website

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As a Google Grants participant, you received initial approval to link your ads to the URL you listed in your application. Since organizations' websites may evolve over time, we encourage you to notify us if there are significant changes to your website content, organization focus, or mission. An example of a significant change is if your organization shifts its focus from distributing email newsletters on the topic of child safety to selling child safety products online. A minor change to your site layout or the addition of a new website section does not count as a significant change.

It's also possible to promote additional websites that your organization owns through your Google Grants ads. We ask that you notify us beforehand to provide detail on how you intend to promote the additional website and share proposed ad text and keywords.

Your organization must own the URLs you advertise
It's important to note that your organization cannot link your ads to websites that you do not own. In cases such as project co-sponsorship, in which your organization would like to run ads for a URL that does not belong to your organization, we recommend linking your ads to a specific landing page on your website first, then linking from that webpage to the different URL.

The source:-

Wait for @RobertCoats, the community Google grants expert to chime in, he will provide you with helpful insights.
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Re: links to external website

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Hi Lilt B,

Welcome to the community. Where are you seeing the wording, "cannot contain especially links to external web sites"?


It may be a grammatical error but I am not seeing it anywhere within the policy regarding promoting additional websites.


A bit of clarification on the policy, since it has changed in recent years. Previously, you could advertise additional websites as long as they were owned by the nonprofit organization that had been awarded the Ad Grant. That is the old policy that is referenced in the blog post that @Ahmed Ali referenced.


The current policy on promoting additional websites within Ad Grants states:

Google Ad Grantees may only promote one website domain name: the website domain name associated with the registered nonprofit that was approved for Google Ad Grants.

The only exception is if your organization has an additional website domain(s) for another language. In this case, the website content must be exactly the same, but the website domain may be different.


If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to let me know and please let me know where you read the "especially" verbiage so that I can have the team review it for additional clarification.