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Why my AdWords budget sometimes does not reach $10,000

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I manage Google AdWords grants for a charity and have been doing it for the past 2 years. 

I want to know why is it that some month it reaches $10,000 or over and some month it barely reaches $9,000 leaving $1,000 short of $10,000. 

However, the ads stopped showing in the late afternoon, I presume because the budget run out.

Would anyone give me an insight as to why this happens?

Thanks in advance.



Response 1:

It is based on a variety of factors and settings but mainly it is due to projected traffic and actual traffic. 

When projected traffic is high but the actual traffic is low, then you are short. When the projected traffic is low but the actual traffic is high, then you are over. 
You can minimize these affects by having your Delivery Method campaign settings set to "Accelerated: Show ads as quickly as reasonably possible."
Response 2:
Actually I would say that the main reason is how the ad spend budget works in Google Grants. It's not truly $10,000 per month spend but rather $330 per day, which comes out to approx $10,000 in a 30-day month.

In months like February where it's usually 28 days, it's only mathematically possible to reach 28 * $330 or $9,240 ad spend that month. Depending on whether the month is 30 or 31 days, you could have better or worse chances to reach $10,000.

Then you have to account for factors like the days of the week that affect how much of the day's budget you've used. Some of my clients see a severe traffic drop during weekends and holidays. March break or Christmas are some culprits of when ad spend drops. Perhaps a long weekend causes those couple days to not reach the $330 daily budget max. That lost traffic can't be compensated for on later days due to the $330 daily limit.

Given that you've been able to hit the budget max during the late afternoon, seems to me like this is the most likely reason. Best way to find out is to examine your month and see if there's less traffic on weekends or holidays.


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Re: Why my AdWords budget sometimes does not reach $10,000

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Thanks for this, Shanea!