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What should be the monthly bid?

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If I set the bid recommended by Google $329, then even for 30 days month I do not get full $10000. Should I set the $333.33 instead (to get full $10000 for 30 days months)?




If I want to work it in February of common years, I need at least $357.


What sum should I set in my Google Grant account?


(It is not important for me if it works all 30-31 days per month, it is OK if the last day of some months the advertising may be down.) I just want more clicks, no matter which days they happen.

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Re: What should be the monthly bid?

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Hi Victor,
Please have a read of this:

I'm only replying to the point about wanting as many clicks as early in the month as possible on the assumption that you don't care if your budget runs out. If you set your daily budget higher (to $400 for example), you'll get more of it spent in the earlier months. When your monthly budget runs out, it's gone. You'll have to wait until the next month to have it replenished.

If you want an even spread over February, $344 is best divided across all campaigns.
Please also have a read of this about how budgets work:

Hope that helps.

Re: What should be the monthly bid?

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Hi Victor,


In addition to what @Dave_Davis said above, I would like to add that even though you can technically increase the daily budget of all your campaigns, but since you have a Google Grants account, your spend limit is restricted to $10,000 a month. Also, for keywords bidding, it is capped at maximum of $2 max. CPC. Although you might be able to increase it, but for the Google Grants account, this is the limit. 


To improve the performance, you can look up to either add more variation of the keywords, try improving the landing page experience etc...


Find more details for your Google Grants account here:-


My 2 cents!


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Re: What should be the monthly bid?

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@Victor P

Regarding Ad Grant accounts - your account is going to cap out at $330 (give or take a dollar or two) even if you set the daily budget to a much higher amount. As such, for several months of the year, you will not be able to spend $10,000. In February, for example, you will only spend around $9,240 even if you max your daily spend each and every day. However, in months with 31 days, you will spend in excess of $10,000 if you are maxing out your spend each day.


With all that said, your focus should be less on maxing out the budget and more on spending that budget efficiently. Especially if your goal is to grow the account to Grantspro which offers up to $40,000 per month. Yes, one of the eligibility requirements is to spend $9,900 in 2  months within a 6 month period but much more importantly than the amount spent is how that amount was spent.