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Using Google Adwords as in-kind matching fund donations

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We just got approved for Google adwords for nonprofits.  The $10,000 a month in free advertising awesome!  We could leverage this generous donation if we could get Google to acknowledge the donation in writing, on Google letterhead.  The email Google sends out acknowledging our acceptance into the program is great, but won't work for all grants, and not the one we are applying for.


Here's the generic "guts" of what we need in a letter:


          To:     Grant Review Committee

     From:     <Name of Google Representative>

          Re:     In-Kind Contribution for <name of nonprofit>

      Date:     <Current Date>



Google, Inc. has agreed to provide <fill in nonprofit name>  online advertising in support of the project titled: <fill in project title>.  This advertising is valued at <fill in the specific amount of per year.  The value of this donation is determined by the value of similar advertising we sell to “for profit” businesses.


Google will make this donation to <non profit name> throughout the grant period as proposed, providing <non profit name> maintains its commitments as outlined in our Google Grants agreement.


Google is pleased to be a part of this project.






<Name of Google Representative>


<City, State, Zip>

<Telephone Number>


Can anyone help me out?




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Re: Using Google Adwords as in-kind matching fund donations

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Hi John, this is something that has been requested before but it is not something that Google provides. What I recommend is that you pull the donated amount from the billing summary page which will show the value of the advertising each month and how much was credited by Google. You may print that out but it would not be on Google letterhead.