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Technical Issue with Account

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For my nonprofit, I've had several issues with starting an Ad Grants account. There used to be one approved with the organization that no one in my office had access to. Luckily, that has been successfully resolved. 

However, now I face a different problem and its associated with the account I'm trying to get approved. Prior to submission for approval, I checked off and went over the steps to the account creation guide. After, about 2-3 times the account wasn't approved due issues with keywords, link display, etc. (not sure why but I redid everything and went over the guide carefully again). However, this time the error is that that there are technical issues at the account level and that I would have create a new account with a different email. 

Before I proceed to create a new email for a new adwords account -- is there anything I can do to salvage the current account? What is the technical error so that it doesn't occur again. Thanks! I really hope to get a grants account up and running! 

Re: Technical Issue with Account

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Hello Anam,

It is complicated to advice your something - call to AdWords Support and describe your situation usually they help.

Best Regards.